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Wondering if your sheep meet the 1927 Breed Standard?

"Introduction to Shetland Sheep Inspections and Judging"

This DVD contains detailed information on how to inspect your Shetland sheep.  Even if you don't show Shetland sheep, this DVD can help you to make good breeding decisions for your flock.
Kate and Alan are both long time Shetland Sheep Society judges and inspectors as well as owners of quality Shetlands themselves.  Both of them have served as Committee members for the SSS for several years, with Alan serving as the Chairman for many years. 

You will see good examples of Shetland sheep characteristics pointed out and explained in detail, so you are able to compare to your own sheep and make a determination on what is or is not acceptable within the parameters of the 1927 Breed Standard.

Don't miss this chance to take advantage of some great information from two very respected members of the Shetland Sheep Society, get your copy today!!!


This DVD was shot during the 2011 WSWF in conjunction with MSSBA's Shetland show. Featuring Kate Sharp and Alan Hill, Senior Inspectors and Judges for the SSS.
Purchase price is $43 and includes shipping.

***You can purchase the DVD at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival Sept, 6,7 and 8th for a special price of $38.00. Contact Kelly Bartels to pick up your copy at the MSSBA Show in the Sheep Barn.

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